Today we had a special customer from Spain, she’s been loving Brazilian wax since her first try at 16 years old. 
She told us that Brazilian wax is quite popular in Europe, getting waxed is a trend, and almost every woman has tried it, and most of them regularly go to the salons once a month for it. 
She moved to Taiwan four years ago, and has lived in different cities, almost as soon as she settled down here,
she started looking for a good salon to get get waxed and went to many different ones in different cites,
but it’s either too painful or got her some skin problems like redness or itchiness for a while after the treatment, however,
she just couldn’t find an ideal one that fits her standards, eventually she gave up and just kept it shaved. 
She also told us that a lot of European men are strict with hair, and lately she got a German boyfriend who has been asking her to get waxed,
and she’s also going to Thailand soon, she didn’t want any hair when she’s wearing a bikini, luckily her friend just came to our salon last week and recommended us to her,
so she made an appointment right away, she even went to our salon last weekend to make sure that she wouldn’t have any problems finding us, quite excited to try it out here. 
She stepped into our salon, we welcomed her with a cup of warm tea as we usually do and started to make a quick introduction of hot wax to her,
she just told us she has years of experience getting waxed and we could just jump right into the treatment, because she couldn’t wait. 
For the first strip of the treatment, she knit her eyes, so I asked her whether it’s so painful or if there’s any problem,
she answered “no it’s fine, i was just prepared that it would be so painful, but it’s not!”, she’s so funny and talkative,
we talked and laughed a lot during the whole treatment, I believe she must be so relaxed and satisfied with our professional service, she even asked us if we all got trained abroad and she’s amazed how creamy the texture of our wax was on the skin. 
After she left, I sent her a message to make sure her skin’s alright just the same as she left,
she thanked us and sent us a screenshot of a conversation with the friend who recommended us to her, it showed that she told her it’s a perfect experience and we’re so professional,
we are so flattered and very happy to know that she liked our service so much!
We are looking forward to seeing this charming girl again soon and we wish her a wonderful trip beautifully in Thailand.  



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